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  • Medical Takaful Insurance- Medical Card, Hospitalization Benefits, Critical Illness
    Medical Takaful
    Medical card, Hospitalization Benefits, Critical Illness Coverage
    Investment/Savings Takaful Insurance
    Investment/Savings Takaful
    Protection + Investment/Savings combination
    Takaful and Insurance for your business
    Corporate Takaful for companies and business
    For the welfare of your employees

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    Takaful Medical

    We are healthy today. How will we be tomorrow ? We do not know. But one thing everyone knows is that the costs of medical treatments are not cheap anymore. There are many types of protection and coverage available for you and your family such as takaful medical plans, medical cards, hospitalization benefits and many more. Protect yourselves and your loved ones with takaful. We never know, when we will need it.

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    Investment / Savings Takaful

    If you are looking for coverage with some savings or investment, there are a few types of takaful plans  just for you. It will help you to get coverage and also invest at the same time. These plans are shariah compliant and all investments are based on shariah approved only. 

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    Corporate Takaful – for companies & organizations

    Your employees are your asset. When you take care of your workers welfare, they would be more motivated , thankful and will strive harder to achieve the organization’s targets. We have many types of comprehensive plans which can be customised based on riders according to your company’s and business needs.


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